Neurophysiological Intra Operative Monitoring (IOM)

Neurophysiological Intra-Operative Monitoring With A Twist

NeuroDx Associates, LLC also performs neurophysiogical intra operative monitoring (IOM) including; SEPs, MEPs, Free Running EMG but with a twist. Again, most companies employ technicians who arrive in the operating arena with their equipment and have to rely upon a wireless connection to a physician who can be thousands of miles away.

Some Questions To Consider

What happens of there is a problem connecting with the remote physician?

  • Your IOM technician cannot provide accurate detail and must rely upon the remote physician

Did you know that many IOM companies do not rely upon neurologists for oversight?

  • We believe that the operating arena is far too risky an environment to take chances.

Solution, Improve The Quality Of Your Service And Limit Your Exposure!

NeuroDx Associates, LLC provides you a Board Certified Physician (not a technician) with Board Certifications in various fields of Neurology and Electrodiagnostics. Yes, you read that correctly, your on-site technician is actually a Board Certified Physician who will perform all aspects of IOM including:

  • ¬†Greeting the patient is the pre-op area to explain the IOM procedure(s) and perform a brief, last minute evaluation
  • Set up the patient and perform all aspects of IOM
  • By providing you one of our Board Certified Physicians, you don’t need to be worried about losing a wireless connection to someone who can be thousand of miles away because they are proving you immediate feedback
  • Greet the patient in recovery and perform a brief post procedural examination

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