On-Site Electrodiagnostic Testing by Physicians

Are you in need of on-site diagnostic testing? There are some important things to consider!

Our Board Board Certified Physicians evaluate your patient and perform the appropriate electrodiagnostic test(s)  right in your office. Our state of the art equipment allows us to perform the following tests right at your facility.

  • Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV)
  • Needle Electomyography (EMG)
  • Somatosensory Evoket Potentials (SSEP)

Once these tests are performed, the Physician interpret the data and provides a detailed report of findings for each one of your patients. With this type of diagnostic testing, you will now have valuable information about your patients resulting in a more more accurate diagnosis, focused treatment plan and potentially reduce your malpractice exposure.

Why Do We Do This?

Most companies send technicians to your office to perform testing. This however; can dramatically increase your exposure and malpractice because:

  • A technician cannot perform a physician examination to determine what test(s) are medically necessary, which can increase scrutiny by the insurance companies because you, the host physician, are accepting responsibility for both the medical necessity of the test as well as the diagnosis
  • A technician cannot perform a needle EMG, which can easily result in an incorrect diagnosis increasing your exposure to liability malpractice claims
  • “Nerve Conduction Studies without Needle EMG are considered experimental” according to most insurers including Medicare and they have written policies addressing this
  • Technicians cannot diagnose and therefore; cannot deviate from their testing protocols, which again, can result in inaccurate diagnosis and increase your exposure to liability and malpractice

Solution, Improve The Quality Of Your Service And Limit Your Exposure!

  • NeuroDx Associates, LLC only employs Board Certified Physicians with advanced training and certification in electrodiagnostic testing.
  • Our Board Certified Physicians perform a physical examination of the patient to determine what test(s) are medically necessary and properly document their findings
  • Our Board Certified Physicians perform all aspects of testing including needle EMG
  • Our Board Certified Physicians use a working diagnosis and will thoroughly evaluate and investigate their findings providing you with a complete and detailed report
  • Our Board Certified Physicians accept responsibility for both the examination and testing findings and testify when called upon, which potentially eliminates your exposure to liability 





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