Providing On-Site Diagnostic Testing

Stop referring your patients to outside neurologists for Electrodiagnostic testing. This is a major profit center for your practice and we provide these services in the convenience of your office.

Why NeuroDx Associates, LLC?

  • We educate our clients and keep them up to date with the latest rules and regulations for the majority of Health Insurance Companies.
  • Many insurance companies are not providing coverage for Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV) testing unless it is performed in conjunction with needle Electromyography (EMG), as NCV alone is considered experimental and investigational.
  • The 6th Edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment clearly states, “At present, only the needle EMG is considered diagnostic of radiculopathy.”
  • Our research has found that most on-site testing companies provide technicians, and because they provide only technicians they try to convince you that needle EMGs are not necessary and that the NCV studies alone are sufficient. NeuroDx Associates, LLC knows that the NCV and needle EMG are mutually inclusive and that both are required for proper diagnosis and third party reimbursement. For this reason, we provide physicians and not technicians.
  • Our physicians are specially trained in both performing and interpreting these studies and can make clinical and diagnostic decision while performing the test to ensure a proper study and diagnosis.

Our Promise to You…

Our on-site testing will be a profit center for your facility resulting in increased income.

You will now be able to provide the most comprehensive health care in your own office setting.

We provide the Gold standard in diagnostic testing by providing both NCV and needle EMG.

You will have qualified physicians who perform and interpret their findings as the tests are being performed and a detailed report of findings will accompany every study.


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